Abaya Dress

The Abaya Dress

The abaya dress was created for the modern day Muslim woman to offer a compromise between modesty and her love of fashion. The abaya dress is an elegant garment that suits all body types of the Muslim woman. Ideal for prayers or to wear in everyday life, it adapts to all occasions. Theabaya is a long and ample dress intended mainly for the Muslim women. It covers the entire body, except for the head, feet and hands. These chic and elegant dresses will become your favorite. Made from high quality fabrics, it creates a luxurious experience that you will love. Our designs are created to be stunning yet modest. The elegant and simple design of this piece gives it a timeless quality that you can enjoy for years to come. A range of women's outfits that are suitable for Muslim women. Our collection is designed to fit a variety of sizes and styles. Wearing an outfit that doesn't show your shape is the best way to practice your religion properly. Our modest garments offer comfort and modern features that allow you to live your life with ease.

The Simple Abaya

All the abaya dresses in our online store are made with their own design, styles and patterns. That's why you will always find the latest Arabic collection ofabayas, which represents a variety of different colors, embroideries and patterns. We offer this wide range ofabayas to express the free will and religious values of women around the world, but also offer simple and comfortable abayas, where beauty is discovered in the simplicity of design.

The Dubai abaya dress

The Dubai abaya dress is the result of years of research and testing to develop a product with the most modern features: very close to haute couture clothing, it makes you a star woman wherever you go. Our abaya dress is beautifully tailored to fit the body and needs of a modern woman. It is a true high fashion garment, one of a kind. Dubai abaya dress features chic details, full sleeve design with elastic and drawstring. The material of the dress is fashioned from chiffon (fine silk). Dubai abaya dress is a masterpiece of refined style due to its high quality material and workmanship. It is an ultra-refined high fashion garment that fascinates with its great originality and elegance. Its light fabric makes you feel as comfortable as possible. You look like a goddess in this beautiful abaya dress that has class and dignity and does not contradict the Islamic religion at all.

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48 products